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I'm retiring...
Posted: Alexastor @ Wed Sep 24, 2014 2:56 pm
...from actively modding AoE3. Now you might ask: wait, didn't you leave active modding when you left Napoleonic Era back then?

Only kind of. In the last year, I returned to modding and worked on two projects (one after the other) just for fun and to learn more about designing "historical" games, texturing, 3d modeling and trying to find new ways to mod AoE3.

I wanted to make this post for a while but I was too busy with other projects. I'm working on my first game with the Unity engine (it's really easy to make games with that engine if you know how to code) and other things kept me occupied as well.
So while I stopped actively modding AoE3, I will continue to be active in the modding community and will share my knowledge and tools, in the coming weeks and months I'll try to make a couple of tutorials of things.

But for now, I'll share screenshots of the projects I worked on and will let you guess.


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No Easter without EasterEggs!
Posted: Tilanus Commodor @ Sun Apr 20, 2014 3:20 pm
Happy Easter!

The coolest thing about Easter are the Easter eggs, right? At least I thought so for NE ...


Mr. Green

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Annoying texture bug obviously fixed
Posted: Tilanus Commodor @ Wed Apr 16, 2014 5:57 pm
Good news!

Even though my not-so-few working hours per week at a German games company provide me only with very little time for modding, a test game yesterday with Swedish, Germans and Prussians proved successful in not showing up any texture bugs!

That bug fix was crucial for NE 2.2, because now we can be sure that all of you will really be able to see the new, implemented graphics throughout the whole game and not just the beginning. Wink

I think it'd have been a pity (and a waste of texture work) if you couldn't enjoy the Swedish Dalkarl Pikemen like this:

Kudos to musketeer925 for giving the final tip. Smile

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A small sign of life
Posted: Tilanus Commodor @ Fri Mar 14, 2014 5:38 pm
Hey there,

I felt like I had to drop this note since I haven't been posting any updates in the recent past. There are a couple of reasons for the delay: [1] I'm still looking for a job (and doesn't work that well), [2] The majority of team members is currently either occupied with other more pressing matters or experiences a temporary phase of feeling unmotivated (including me), [3] adding new content (such as 3d models or maps) causes extra polishing work and since I feel NE 2.2 wouldn't be as cool without these additions, I prefer to polish and fix these things. And finally [4] the weather is getting better and everyone most of us enjoy going out Wink

Even though no damage was actually done, I want to compensate the time of waiting with two screenshot leaks Wink:

Mysterious Ottoman RG

Mysterious redesigned mercenary

Yours Sincerely,


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Forums restructuring
Posted: Da Bozz @ Wed Jan 29, 2014 11:28 pm
Ahoy landlubbers, King

Tilanus and I are currently involved in the process of restructuring the forums.

+) NE Online is the new meeting place for lonely gamers.
+) Technical Support should be pretty clear. You can post any problems or bugs you encounter in this category.
+) Balance & Strategies is also a very meaningful title. It's the place for discussing strategies and posting balancing suggestions.
+) If it's something about Napoleonic Era, but doesn't fit elsewhere, then post it in the NE Forum, just like you did in General Discussions.


Help us keep track of all topics and post in the right category!

Thanks and good night,

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