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NE 2.1.6
Posted: Tilanus Commodor @ Sun Oct 12, 2014 3:56 pm
Hey everybody!

We're very happy to present you the new NE installer (NE 2.1.6) today! I'd really call it one of the most beautiful installers that I've ever seen. Since you had to wait rather long since NE 2.1.5, we also tried to compensate this time for you with some nice updates and goodies. The installer is for Windows only so far, but the Mac-Installer will also be released soon as well, it's almost done, so don't worry! Smile

Here a sneak preview of the NE 2.1.6 release notes:

  • Fixed and re-released NE maps
  • A new map: NE Finland
  • Updated loading screens for NE maps
  • 3 new natives: Bavarians, Barbary Pirates & Finns!
  • New settlements for Tuareg, Westphalians and Wurttembergers
  • The so far unreleased AI patch 6.1.2 by kangcliff for better AI unit picking in late game and more
  • Unit sound fixes, including all Consulate units
  • Re-included (and slightly modified) editor mod by Reyk
  • A couple of balance changes such as new stats for Schütze, Hand Cannoneer and Grenzer or raised Italian house build limit
  • And of course the core feature of this release: our sexy installer!

You can download NE 2.1.6 and read the full release notes on our downloads page:

(click to open download page)

Enjoy. King Green!

(And please report any bugs!)

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NE 2.1.6 coming this week!
Posted: Tilanus Commodor @ Wed Oct 08, 2014 3:31 am
Hey everybody!

I'm coming with good news: The new NE installer with all prior NE patches and new updates will be released this week! After having released NE 2.1.5 last year we actually intended to file the installer very quickly. Now it really doesn't take a genius to see this plan didn't work so well. Wink

In fact, we've followed the idea to deliver some goodies along with the installer a bit too long and serious and also had to interrupt or slow down modding because of work, school or other nasty businesses. Since NE 2.1.5 had to be installed manually, I deeply apologize to all the people who wanted to get it, but were lacking a working installer.

With NE 2.1.6 I think we've found a good compromise now of providing both, some of the promised goodies of NE 2.2 and the actual core feature, the installer. Indeed we won't release all the goodies and updates that were created since last year. So, there's sugar left for NE 2.2! The reason for that is simple: We've been doing so many goodies, that our deadlines for all these little (but numerous) things went a lil out of control and hence it would've been taking too additional much time if we separated all the completed work from every work in progress.

I'll definitely try to cover all the essential news after the NE 2.1.6 release with pics and a new modding reports, so that good ol' NE atmosphere will come back!

For the end of this announcement I thought about bringing back some memories and showing some insights into the upcoming version:

NE Alpine Pass

The glacier got a better texture now, Westphalians were replaced with Bavarians just like Bisons, Mooses, Big horn sheeps were replaced with ibex and deers.

NE Barbary Coast

Now with Barbary Pirates!

NE Finland

A finished finnish map with finnish natives.

NE Nile Flood

New name of the NE classic "Flood of the Nile", that got updated lights and hungry crocodiles.

NE Reservations

Re-included bonus Native american map from the Hotfix 7.1 with updated TWC natives.

These are of course just a few excerpts of the release notes of NE 2.1.6 - there's coming more! Cool

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I'm retiring...
Posted: Alexastor @ Wed Sep 24, 2014 2:56 pm
...from actively modding AoE3. Now you might ask: wait, didn't you leave active modding when you left Napoleonic Era back then?

Only kind of. In the last year, I returned to modding and worked on two projects (one after the other) just for fun and to learn more about designing "historical" games, texturing, 3d modeling and trying to find new ways to mod AoE3.

I wanted to make this post for a while but I was too busy with other projects. I'm working on my first game with the Unity engine (it's really easy to make games with that engine if you know how to code) and other things kept me occupied as well.
So while I stopped actively modding AoE3, I will continue to be active in the modding community and will share my knowledge and tools, in the coming weeks and months I'll try to make a couple of tutorials of things.

But for now, I'll share screenshots of the projects I worked on and will let you guess.


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No Easter without EasterEggs!
Posted: Tilanus Commodor @ Sun Apr 20, 2014 3:20 pm
Happy Easter!

The coolest thing about Easter are the Easter eggs, right? At least I thought so for NE ...


Mr. Green

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Annoying texture bug obviously fixed
Posted: Tilanus Commodor @ Wed Apr 16, 2014 5:57 pm
Good news!

Even though my not-so-few working hours per week at a German games company provide me only with very little time for modding, a test game yesterday with Swedish, Germans and Prussians proved successful in not showing up any texture bugs!

That bug fix was crucial for NE 2.2, because now we can be sure that all of you will really be able to see the new, implemented graphics throughout the whole game and not just the beginning. Wink

I think it'd have been a pity (and a waste of texture work) if you couldn't enjoy the Swedish Dalkarl Pikemen like this:

Kudos to musketeer925 for giving the final tip. Smile

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