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by SAOL on Wed Apr 16, 2014 7:23 pm

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Annoying texture bug obviously fixed
Posted: Tilanus Commodor @ Wed Apr 16, 2014 5:57 pm
Good news!

Even though my not-so-few working hours per week at a German games company provide me only with very little time for modding, a test game yesterday with Swedish, Germans and Prussians proved successful in not showing up any texture bugs!

That bug fix was crucial for NE 2.2, because now we can be sure that all of you will really be able to see the new, implemented graphics throughout the whole game and not just the beginning. Wink

I think it'd have been a pity (and a waste of texture work) if you couldn't enjoy the Swedish Dalkarl Pikemen like this:

Kudos to musketeer925 for giving the final tip. Smile

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A small sign of life
Posted: Tilanus Commodor @ Fri Mar 14, 2014 5:38 pm
Hey there,

I felt like I had to drop this note since I haven't been posting any updates in the recent past. There are a couple of reasons for the delay: [1] I'm still looking for a job (and doesn't work that well), [2] The majority of team members is currently either occupied with other more pressing matters or experiences a temporary phase of feeling unmotivated (including me), [3] adding new content (such as 3d models or maps) causes extra polishing work and since I feel NE 2.2 wouldn't be as cool without these additions, I prefer to polish and fix these things. And finally [4] the weather is getting better and everyone most of us enjoy going out Wink

Even though no damage was actually done, I want to compensate the time of waiting with two screenshot leaks Wink:

Mysterious Ottoman RG

Mysterious redesigned mercenary

Yours Sincerely,


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Forums restructuring
Posted: Da Bozz @ Wed Jan 29, 2014 11:28 pm
Ahoy landlubbers, King

Tilanus and I are currently involved in the process of restructuring the forums.

+) NE Online is the new meeting place for lonely gamers.
+) Technical Support should be pretty clear. You can post any problems or bugs you encounter in this category.
+) Balance & Strategies is also a very meaningful title. It's the place for discussing strategies and posting balancing suggestions.
+) If it's something about Napoleonic Era, but doesn't fit elsewhere, then post it in the NE Forum, just like you did in General Discussions.


Help us keep track of all topics and post in the right category!

Thanks and good night,

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Happy Age Up 2014
Posted: Tilanus Commodor @ Tue Dec 31, 2013 6:44 pm
Hey there! The NE team wishes everyone a happy age up to 2014! May all of you train some villagers to build an empire! King Green!

To increase your excitement for 2014 I would like to announce that NE 2.2 will - next to the new installer - also contain NEW CONTENT. Actually it wasn't meant to be, but there was quite some stuff that could be added rather quickly. Maps, natives, models, textures, sounds, units - everything is possible. Party hard and game on!

Hooray! Hooray! ^^

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Modding Report #22
Posted: Tilanus Commodor @ Fri Oct 04, 2013 12:15 am
June - September 2013


lots of stuff has been happening since June! I passed all my exams and finally graduated in game design with a Bachelor of Science from university. Now I have to deal with the 'delighting' side effects of unemployment in Germany and find a job in games industry soon. Things are getting serious!

In that time I managed to keep track of NE though and it turns out it was possible to distribute work inside the team and make some notable progress!

And now, let's see what it is! Wink


Current version: 2.1.5

  1. Let's all welcome our first new NE member kangcliff, who's currently working on NE 2! You may remember him from the last series of AI fixes for NE 2 that he's been doing on previous work from motter28128. Next to his AI skills kangcliff is also an eager and capable modder in other areas of modding and we'll all stay excited to see and appreciate his work for NE! Cool

  2. In July we released NE 2.1.5 for PC and Mac, that basically contained all fixes from me, Yomgui and kangcliff to that point in time. In case you didn't get the 68MB packed rar-archive yet, check our Downloads page!

  3. In the download section of AoE3 HeavenGames kangcliff has released AI Hotfix 5.1.1 for NE 2. It will be the last separately downloadable AI hotfix, because all his further hotfixes will be from now on included in improved NE versions. Unlike AI hotfix 4.0.1 this version will not turn your game language into English! Read the patch notes and get it here.

  4. In the last Modding Report I told you about the upcoming NE 2.2 Patch, whose main improvement will be the automatic installer that works with Steam, custom and standard installation directories of AoE3 for both, PC and Mac. Our members kangcliff and Da Bozz have been doing some hard work to make that possible. Kudos to them! Cool Those two installers for either PC or Mac are nearly done now. Just some tweaking and designing left!

    The NE Installer for Windows with beta design

  5. Another thing I announced in the last Modding Report was that a future patch after NE 2.2 will contain extra content for NE 2. So far I didn't elaborate on what these are, but now there's a much clearer idea of what sorts of extra content should be added. So there can be less or more than this:


    • Random Maps
      • NE Finland
      • NE Gibraltar (maybe)
      • NE Scotland (maybe)

    • Natives
      • Barbary Pirates
      • Finns
      • Bavarians
      • Greeks
      • Arabs (maybe; would replace Hashashins)
      • Scots (maybe)

    • 3d models
      • Firearms
      • Turk bow
      • Helmets and hats
      • Swords

    • Further extra content
      • New fire sounds
      • Some new flags
      • Some new textures
      • Various tech and stats fixes
      • New units (maybe; Hajduk, Marauder, Infante de Marina, .. )
      • Unreleased RMs (maybe)
      • New civ (maybe)
      • New Polish AgeUp (maybe)

    Cool, eh? Mr. Green

  6. Someone has been doing this and I have no idea why I'm posting it.

    I really have no idea.



  1. If there's a first new member working on NE 2, then there gotta be a second one working on NE 3, right? Ladies and Gentlemen, let's welcome our new NE member Tubin_Anon1! Mr. Green He's a modder you might solely know from our own modding forum, in which he first appeared with his 19th century mod. While his mod can give you an idea of his capabilities in various modding fields, it was also so similar to the ideas for NE 3 that we just had to work together. Wink

  2. The Ottoman civ mod by PredatoR is done! His mod "The Ottoman Empire" extends the Ottomans with new units, techs, HC cards and building textures. PredatoR has been a loyal fan since the beginning of NE and therefore it doesn't really surprise that his expertise and work basing on Ottoman history will be also benevolent for the Ottomans in NE3! However, next to its future feature in NE3, his civ mod will also be released as standalone. If you're at any chance interested in checking out his mod, be sure to follow our updates as we'll shout it out for sure. Cool

    Cüs lan, cok güzel!

  3. While NE Gibraltar and NE Scotland are still being optimized, there's always room for new RM concepts! We considered places in Europe, that didn't get covered yet such as Crimea, Øresund, Pyrénées, Iberian Peninsula or Norway. Next to places, we also got into sketching different map types. The future will tell us how and if they'll get realized. Mr. Green

    Current status of NE Scotland

    The 1st sketch for NE Crimean Peninsula! Players will fight for supremacy over the peninsula that grants large coin income through mines and the close sea trade route.

  4. There's been made notable progress with the NE3 test civ ("Prototype civ") on sketching standard units. Listing up all changes to standard units would make this report explode though. That's why I refreshed our rudimental NE3 info page with these details. The descriptions come off sorta sketchy and incomplete, but (at least to us) the new concepts are pretty clear. The unit tree has also been updated, but is still limited on Land Military so far.

    Click on the image to open the updated NE3 Database!

    Most remarkable progress has been made with Civil units like Settlers and Priests, but also in specific cases like Commanders, Grenadiers or Sergeants. And finally there's also a clear separation between Militia ("Ex-Minutemen") and National Guards (the "new Colonial Militia") now, just the number and choice of training locations isn't 100% safe yet. Still missing are updates concerning buildings and ships. Those are currently being researched and discussed. If you have any cool ideas, let us know!

  5. The aforementioned standard units have also been coded by Tubin_Anon1 so far. That means the new artillery system where cannons, mortars and other guns have new fire modes and (now relevant) accuracy values is already working. Also unit features like those of Sappers and Commanders have been reworked and coded.

  6. Actually visual design has not been that much in the focus during the last months, but then again, what'd be a modding report without pics? Mr. Green So, here's some caaandy:

    • Grenadiers (regular)

      One unit to rule 'em all.

    • Kongens Friskytter (Danish) - Royal upgrade for 'Snaphane'

      They hate line infantry and line infantry hates them. But they do love stealth!

    • Q

      The Q. I think I got this from a bond movie. Harhar!

  7. The odyssey for proper unit upgrade names has entered a new stage. I and Ca Putt are still looking for a key to the system that works with all units. However, it seems rather likely already that we'll go with unique names for unit upgrades, but not abolish the prefix system entirely. That fits very well to NE 3 since one guideline in our design philosophy is to pick the best from AoE2 and AoE3 to combine it.

    Giving units unique names for each upgrade makes units feel more individual, even though they are indeed not single units. Something such as "Veteran, Imperial" always indicates they're just a better and worse version of one and another. However, the key that matches best simply hasn't been found yet.

  8. I composed a first version of the future NE 3 main theme. Sounds good already, but I can only tell you it goes like bom .. bo-bo-bom - bom - bom, bo-bo-bom ... Devil

  9. When recalling the history of NE over all the years, something that we never really did was tracking our stuff in the net. In new marketing terminology NE didn't only always got spread organically (through us), but also virally. Which basically means it was also uploaded on sites we didn't know about by people who we didn't know about either. Wink

    So when I was about to manage some promotion-related stuff, I took a whole night searching the internet for NE downloads. And while it is impossible to get a complete number of all NE downloads ever, it was quite an interesting thing to do. And it was great to see NE 2.01 is - after all these years - still quite popular. For example, in the German software community NE 2.01 still got rank 18 in a list of the 63 most popular mod downloads.

PERSONAL REVIEW: In terms of timing and other businesses that's surely none of my favorite reports to write, but I appreciate that NE can progress even in the hardest times. I'm also quite thankful for the team support, you're doin' a good job!

With every further modding report, everyone can see much better what the mod is going to be. So, even though it is number 22 already, this still hasn't become a boring technical modding log. We like to take you on a trip to the full masterplan and hope you enjoy it.

On a final note, I might add, that I feel we've become more professional doing this project the more modding reports we throw out and the better we're puttin' our heads together over NE. I remember the days when I started working for NE 2 as a simple and naive in Kastor's team and those later, troubling ones when a future concept for NE still had to be found. We left that time behind us already, but it's still worth to remember them to see how much better we got at this!

And now I really need a small break from these 4 days of working through! Hope you enjoy the report and can't wait for your feedback! Smile

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