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Brief update on debug messages
Posted: Tilanus Commodor @ Mon May 16, 2016 5:12 pm
Hey there,

I don't know when this thread will be posted (Edit: Wow, that was posted instantly!), but I hope it'll be asap (this already points to one of the few issues this site seemed to get out of nowhere). I've posted it on facebook already a few days ago, but anyone who visits the forum will surely have noticed it there are some technical issues. I've received a few mails and private messages of you guys and only didn't answer them, because you'd have gotten all the same reply with the same explanations which I prefer to post once here.

The current forum issues are:

  • Delayed postings - It seems that some posts do appear on the forum after a significant delay of several days later. Can't tell whether all posts will appear after some time or just a few, but I do have that impression right now. Spies

  • Bugged post counter - You see a lot of Spies these days on the forums. I'm referring to the user rank here that - usually - only users with 0 posts get. I can't tell yet, but I assume this is also some sort of delay issue.

  • Invisible topic titles - It occurs that the topic with the latest post made appears to have no title shown in the forum overview.

  • Debug message - This is the most frequent error and appears after trying to post. I've studied the error message thoroughly, but the technical reason given there actually doesn't make much sense to me. This might either be because I'm almost clueless about SQL or because - what I actually believe - the error is somewhere else and this message just a random symptom.

Why are all these things happening? I don't know yet, but I suspect some database or cache needs to be cleared. I got in touch with Elpea, the server owner, but both of our time seem to be quite busy right now. I'll try to fix this issue either alone or with his help. Elpea has been looking into the issue briefly, I wouldn't say he fixed it, but maybe that'll happen as unexpected as the issues came in first place. Wink (let's hope for it)

The purpose of this post is that I just wanted to let you know I'm well-aware of these issues, have been and will be trying to fix them. It could take a while though, because I actually consider progressing with NE 2.2 a bit more important right now. This might sound a lil unfair, but if I'd only focus on fixing the forum NE 2.2 would be delayed even more and the truth is that the majority of NE fans would rather see a new version coming out than a fixed forum.

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NE AI Limit Hotfix & release plan for NE 2.2
Posted: Tilanus Commodor @ Tue Mar 15, 2016 1:38 am
Hey nappers!

I'm coming with two great things in my pocket. One is a much a wanted hotfix for NE and the other one is an update regarding the next NE version. Let's go with the hotfix first (because .. it's hotter! lol ):

  1. A very annoying issue for NE for almost a decade was not being able to play versus the old AoE3 civilizations or create HCs for them. While it was possible to create multiplayer HCs in TAD and use the pre-created HCs for singleplayer in NE it was anything but a satisfactory solution.

    Actually the Congress of Vienna (CoV) tool was originally developed for this purpose, but thanks to the great modding achievements by our great NE developer kangcliff and modder danielpereira you will finally be able to use & create homecities for ALL civilizations in both singleplayer and multiplayer! Cool

    NOTE: This hotfix needs to be installed manually and is only a temporary solution for Windows users, but it does so for all NE versions and of course, both for CD and Steam installations. The next full NE release will come with setup files again and also for Mac users. Wink

  2. The 2nd message of this news is the release plan for the next NE version. When the Congress of Vienna (CoV) tool was still planned we did announce the next version would be NE 2.1.8 and contain the CoV as the main feature and - apart from that - a few extras (meaning designs, sounds, etc.). Now that the CoV was cancelled I felt players would be disappointed if after one year of waiting a new version came out without any significant changes.
    This is why NE 2.2 will be the next version. If you're curious about NE 2.2, then I recommend reading the points about it being made in Modding Report #23 (start at 3.). As NE veterans will acknowledge, changing NE versions a few times before releasing them is a good old NE tradition. Devil

    So, same procedure as every year: There will be some small changes to the content of NE 2.2 presented in modding report #23 and to some degree also modding report #26, but it will also contain further extras that are already in the game or planned to be, but haven't been announced yet. I'll therefore post a preliminary, likely incomplete list of things we intend to release in the next version NE 2.2:

    Announced in Report #23; coming in the next version:
    • New civ: Denmark-Norway
    • New maps: NE Italian Peninsula, Scotland, (NE Gibraltar)
    • New treasure guardians, treasures and mercenaries
    • New unique designs for Royal Guard and Church tech units
    • New 3d models
    • Removal or delimitation of archaic units
    • Partial visual redesigns of original units
    • All announced changes of existing civs
    • All level requirements removed for HC cards, politicians, etc.
    • New unit: Archers (see #25)

    Announced in Report #23, but postponed; will not come in the next version:
    • New civ: Persians (due to internal delay)
    • Longbowmen will not be called Yeomen
    • Congress of Vienna (cancelled)
    • Fully developed HCs

    Unannounced; also coming in the next version:
    • New unit: Chevauleger
    • New unique units for Americans, French, Ottomans, Poles, Swiss, Swedish (incl. updated HCs)
    • New map: NE Slesvig-Holstein
    • New natives: Scots, Greeks, Crimean Tatars
    • Reworked Inquisitors, Chevauxleger, Spies and Riflemen
    • New unique Polish revolution
    • New unique Ottoman revolution
    • New native allies in HCs
    • New UI & weapon sounds
    • New unit voices in several languages
    • New sound feature
    • Reworked civilizations: Italians, Poles, Swedes, Swiss (see #26)
    • Various civs got standard units either added or as replacement for unique units (i.e. Dutch)
    • Various rebalancings incl. from ESOC FP
    • Various bug fixes (i.e. French Chasseurs & Grognards)

    Buffer (optional changes):
    • Maps: NE Gibraltar, Crimean Peninsula
    • Natives: Cossacks, Arabs
    • Ottoman building set
    • New and fixed random names for several units and buildings
    • Decal & Hotkey fixes
    • ESOC mapset
    • Various map conversions
    • Reworked native scouts

A few words on the release date. As you all should know: There is none. It has always been:

When it's done!

Amen. (hail the mascot!)

While I receive great support and contributions through my fellow modders I may point out that the concept work, implementation and presentation is to 99% the work of me alone. Be sure I'm doing my best to get things done asap and push NE to the next release. So have some mercy with a poor lad like me and maybe ... Topmodel send me a few coins to boost my motivation and enthusiasm!
(thanks to roy1012 & EdgarGNZ)

Vive la modification de l'époque napoléonienne pour Age of Empires 3!
Age of Empires pour toujours!


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DDT Plugin for Adobe Photoshop
Posted: Tilanus Commodor @ Wed Mar 09, 2016 1:34 pm

This is something useful and powerful for the AoE3 modding scene. kangcliff from the NE team has developed a plugin for Adobe Photoshop that allows you to load and save DDT files directly. So with the plug-in you no longer need to use the FileConverter of the AoE3Ed to convert between TGA and DDT files. The plugin also has an interface to specify the settings of the file instead of having to manually code the non-understandable bracket numbers of TGAs (i.e. 0,1,8,6 or 1,1,1,1). Here's how the plugin looks:

Furthermore the plugin has a much better MIP map generation than AoE3ED and the original game. This will result in high resolution textures to look even better. With the controller you can regulate the sharpness.

The DDT Plug-in works for Photoshop versions from CS3 onwards for both, 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64). The tool was originally only developed for NE, but we thought it'd be a good idea to share it with everyone. Smile

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Donations page
Posted: Tilanus Commodor @ Thu Feb 18, 2016 12:44 am
Hey there, just a quick update. Multiple persons have been asking me for a way to donate money for the work on NE. I've finally managed to finish the donation page.

The donations go to my personal paypal account and because I've no idea how many and how often these will happen, I currently do not expect to use the money for a paid service (we use none). It's for all the people who want to show their gratitude, thank me for the time and efforts I've invested in this project or keep up my motivation to continue improving NE. Mr. Green

If you do not like paypal and would prefer to send money to either me or someone else from the team directly, just send me a message/mail to let me know. Cool

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Posted: Tilanus Commodor @ Sun Feb 07, 2016 4:30 pm
Since the very first release of NE in January 2006 there were people asking questions on future plans and the chance to include some of their - sometimes overly individual - wishes and suggestions for this free project.

Some questions have become real evergreens such as Will there be a singleplayer campaign for NE? or the annoying (because unanswerable) question for the next release date, ideally requested in a level of detail that includes month, day, hour, minute and second. Wink (jk!)

Long time ago the honorable SAOL wrote this extensive FAQ for NE 2.01, which is outdated by now in large parts, but was still used as a base for the newer version. Shortly after the release of NE 2.1.7 we started gathering all these questions to publish this new Napoleonic Era FAQ:

The new FAQ was written by me, Firestorm and Earkalspea. We hope people will finally find answers to the (most) frequently asked questions there. The FAQ will be updated by us when needed.

Think we forgot a question? Then let us know! Mr. Green

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