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» NE 2.1.7
by Silmariel on Fri Nov 21, 2014 4:49 pm

» NE 2.1.7b comes tomorrow!
by Silmariel on Fri Nov 21, 2014 4:39 pm


NE 2.1.7b now available
Posted: Tilanus Commodor @ Fri Nov 21, 2014 9:56 am
Hey everybody,

it's just been a week since the last release of NE 2.1.7, which provided Mac users for the first time with an installer and did rebalance and update a couple of civs too (i.e. the Germans). Due to a major visual bug (caused by bad file packing) we decided to quickly re-release a fixed version (and not a patch).

Therefore NE 2.1.7b will stabilize the recently released NE 2.1.7. Apart from fixing the major visual bug, this version also adds a new voice set for Polish and some new graphics for Americans.

You can download NE 2.1.7b and read the updated release notes on our downloads page:

(click to open download page)

Installation requirements:

NE 2.1.7b requires the latest AoE3 patches, but no prior NE installations.
You can install NE 2.1.7b over your NE if you did not install versions earlier than NE 2.1.6.
Otherwise please install NE over an umodded and patched AoE3.

And now we will crawl back into our Skype chatrooms, working documents and surround us with code, sketches and graphics and prepare the next big thing. Wink

Happy Napoleonic gaming!

The NE Team

(Tilanus Commodor, kangcliff, JRussell, Da Bozz & Ca Putt)

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NE 2.1.7b comes tomorrow!
Posted: Tilanus Commodor @ Thu Nov 20, 2014 1:30 pm
Hey there!

Tomorrow we will release NE 2.1.7b, which will turn NE 2.1.7 into a more solid version. Even though it is named like a patch, it will technically be a full version (which we will always do now). That means, everyone can just install NE 2.1.7b and have the full package. No prior NE installations required, just TWC and a patched TAD.

Of course, next to bug fixing and rebalancings such as the German Reichstag armies, there are also some other goodies. Our Polish fans will appreciate that finally exchanged the Orthodox church with a catholic one and *finally* implemented the splendid Polish voice set by the much valued Wojtek. Everyone: Dziękuję Wojtek!! Mr. Green

Players of the American civ can also be happy since the Consulate, Capitol, Factory and Fort will receive a new look as well as the Consulate army icons. Cool

New US buildings
New US consulate icons


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NE 2.1.7
Posted: Tilanus Commodor @ Fri Nov 14, 2014 2:18 pm
Salam, Hallo, Hello there people from all over the world! Mr. Green

Today should be a good day for everybody, because today is the release for NE 2.1.7 for PC & Mac! And for the first time we can finally provide you with beautifully designed installers for both platforms.

You can download NE 2.1.7 and read the full release notes on our downloads page:

(click to open download page)

Note on Windows installation:
PC users do not need to uninstall NE 2.1.6. You can just install NE 2.1.7 over NE 2.1.6.

If you want to play against other NE players, you can join this NE Online Group on Facebook (click) and
ask for matches. NE has been played so far via GameRanger, Hamachi and ESO.

Have a nice day and a Napoleonic Weekend! King Green!

The NE Team

Tilanus Commodor, kangcliff, JRussell, Da Bozz & Ca Putt

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NE 2.1.7 announcement & release notes
Posted: Tilanus Commodor @ Thu Nov 13, 2014 12:23 pm
Hey there folks!

Let's not waste time with chit-chat and get straight to the point what will be new in NE 2.1.7!
I did already announce on our social media channels that it will come this week, now I can tell you that we will release NE 2.1.7 tomorrow on friday - November 14 - for both, PC & Mac. I'm particularly happy for our Mac players, who have been waiting for a new release since NE 2.01. Topmodel Mr. Green

NE 2.1.7 puts an emphasis on rebalancings and bug fixes. Most of the rebalancings are nerfs affecting content that was repeatedly deemed imbalanced by you. So lots of the feedback that we received from you will take action now.

I may already note though that not all civs could receive the same attention and care due to the development time of only one month since NE 2.1.6 (I think that's a new record). Be sure we haven't forgotten about the other civs, it's just that there is still so much room for improvement that we can't do them all at once! Wink

Most prominent features of this release are indeed the new Mac Installer designed by me & Cliff as well as the reworked Germans. If you're more curious about what exactly will be changed, you can already read the release notes now:

»NE 2.1.7 Release Notes«
(opens new tab)


And for anybody who hasn't been reading about the overhaul of the German civ yet, I will feature it here again:

The horribly broken and buggy Germans you used to know just *had* to be reworked and fixed - there was no other way. Mr. Green Since a full list of changes would be a bit too long, I'm just pulling out some key notes and posting this screenshot to get you excited about it!
  • Unsexy Saxon Cavalry has been replaced by the sexy Garde du Corps AKA "The infantry bulldozer" (you'll love it lol ). These new generic cataphract-like units with large splash damage will most likely be given to other civs as well in the fashion of existing late game units such as Swashbucklers or Chevauxlegers (potential candidates would be France, Italy and Prussia).

  • Unsexy Katzbalger merged into Hand Cannoneers as Royal Guards, which are now available for Germans. And yes, Hand Cannoneers will also replace the old-fashioned Crossbowmen.

  • The greatly missed Saloon has been reactivated!

  • The Reichstag now offers 6 „Kreisarmeen“ (German for circle armies) from historically relevant states from within the Holy Roman Empire. These banner armies are containing units that can regularly not be built by Germans, among them of course also German natives and mercenaries. New German HC cards and politicians cover content from further historical German states such as Franconia, Mecklenburg or Brandenburg.

    This new "Reichsarmee" system can be used to build large powerful armies or to just complement the regular German troops. It's really all up to you and your choices.

  • Rebalancings of mercenary techs, fixes of Cavalry HC cards, reworked HC card dependencies and more. Cool

Looking forward to the release tomorrow! Wink


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NE 2.1.6
Posted: Tilanus Commodor @ Sun Oct 12, 2014 3:56 pm
Hey everybody!

We're very happy to present you the new NE installer (NE 2.1.6) today! I'd really call it one of the most beautiful installers that I've ever seen. Since you had to wait rather long since NE 2.1.5, we also tried to compensate this time for you with some nice updates and goodies. The installer is for Windows only so far, but the Mac-Installer will also be released soon as well, it's almost done, so don't worry! Smile

Here a sneak preview of the NE 2.1.6 release notes:

  • Fixed and re-released NE maps
  • A new map: NE Finland
  • Updated loading screens for NE maps
  • 3 new natives: Bavarians, Barbary Pirates & Finns!
  • New settlements for Tuareg, Westphalians and Wurttembergers
  • The so far unreleased AI patch 6.1.2 by kangcliff for better AI unit picking in late game and more
  • Unit sound fixes, including all Consulate units
  • Re-included (and slightly modified) editor mod by Reyk
  • A couple of balance changes such as new stats for Schütze, Hand Cannoneer and Grenzer or raised Italian house build limit
  • And of course the core feature of this release: our sexy installer!

You can download NE 2.1.6 and read the full release notes on our downloads page:

(click to open download page)

Enjoy. King Green!

(And please report any bugs!)

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